Visiting the country's printing industry activists from hamedan province's capabilities in the International Exhibition of Printing, Packaging and Related Machinery in Tehran

The 26th International Exhibition of Printing, Packaging and Related Machinery began on Friday and was welcomed by visitors. Trade delegations from China and Turkey visited the exhibition in the first two days.
Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center, which is also present at the exhibition, was welcomed by visitors of the exhibition.
Managing Director of Printing House Owners Cooperative Company and Vice Chairman of Printing House Owners Cooperative and member of the board of directors of Tabriz Printing Housers was also guests of the booth "Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center". A member of the board of directors of Tabriz Printing House told Hamedan Payam reporter after visiting the exhibition: "This period of printing and packaging exhibition is active and thriving and has been taken into consideration according to the slogan of the year.
Siamak Navidkhah continued: "The Tabriz Printing House Association is likely to hold an exhibition in Tabriz and has already planned and taken preliminary measures. He added: "The Union of Tabriz Printing Company is studying the Zink production line study plan which follows this up with a knowledge-based company and we expect tehran lithographers cooperative and other classes to participate and accompany this project.
Managing Director of Tabriz Printing House Cooperative company also said that in the countries of the region zinc is not produced if all countries and industries that need printed items also need zinc.Younes Cosmic added: Printing is one of the mother industries and all industries need this industry, but the majority of the printing items of the country are imported, including zinc, which we intend to achieve self-sufficiency in this sector.
He continued: Zinc is one of the raw materials for the printing industry, so in order to make the country self-sufficient and prevent the bulk of imports, we expect to advance the country's manufacturing and economic goals, go ahead with unity and empathy and all the related devices cooperate with us.
The International Exhibition of Printing, Packaging and Related Machinery is being held in Tehran International Permanent Fair place from 29 to 02 December 2012.
Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center is also representing Hamedan and the west of the country with heliogram label technology and printing it on sticky back labels and films is present in the exhibition.

Hamedan Payam

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