Lithography and Forming

Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center with the possession of personnel specializing in lithography uses a modern plate setter machine to prepare zinc printing. In the following article, a description of zinc preparation process is prepared and its study gives a better understanding of lithography.

Zinc or plate is an aluminum plate that is prepared after design. In this way, for each color of the printed design that is separated after the design, a special zinc for the same color is prepared.

These images are produced by zinc and a type of polymer printed on zinc. Zinc plates are composed of materials that do not absorb the color compound in any way. But the polymeric materials printed on zinc will be compound absorbents. In this way, the images on the zinc absorb the color and transfer it to the printed material they are in contact with.

Litography is performed in two ways:

Image Setter Method:

In this method, the preparation of zinc, which is coated with ultraviolet light-sensitive polymer materials, is exposed to UV light under the film layer which is desired in the form of image. The parts of the polymer that are under the film are safe from evaporation. And the rest of the parts evaporate under the influence of light. This process will result in the image being printed on the zinc.

After evaporation, zinc is not ready yet and should be washed by alkaline materials so that the rest of the residual material on the surface of the zinc that has not been destroyed under irradiation is also washed from it.

Plate Setter Method:

A device of the same name is used to prepare zinc. This device receives the output files of the design from the computer and prints on zinc.

plate setter

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