Rotapack Graphic Design Unit

In the design unit of Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center, your product design is done from the initial ideas to the final design of the product. Graphic experts in this unit are responsible for implementing attractive and standard graphics for your design. The impact of the principled design on the content of yourpromotional message to customers and the superiority of your product over competitors will surprise you.

The expertise of colorology and the combination of different elements in your packaging design will promote the customer to use your product.
The task of an effective graphic design is to convey to the product audience the specific message that must be conveyed to the product audience through graphics with special elegance and the use of attractive elements in designs and colors that are interwoven with the principles of colorology. So that it has an impact on attracting the customer’s attention. and instill a sense of value for the goods.


All of the above has been institutionalized in the design team of Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center. And the team of experts tried to observe all the principles to achieve your desired design.

Types of design that are carried out in the graphics unit:

  • Design of labels and packaging
  • Designing a variety of promotional brochures
  • Business Card Design
  • Designing school offices
  • Designing a variety of advertising posters
  • Design related to election advertising
  • Sack Design
  • And…
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