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From the free services of Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center, which is provided before ordering from customers and doing printing. Advice for getting the best output can be noted. Part of our customer range are manufacturers and entrepreneurs with different products and tastes. Their satisfaction with the work output is very important to us.

To meet the needs of these diverse tastes, it is needed to check customers’ expectations in advance. And the products that are provided are suitable for customer expectations to be introduced and described. Also, the most suitable product is tailored to the intended budget of the customer without reducing the quality of work for the customer’s product.

Making the wrong decision in printing and packaging will result in an undesirable result and will naturally result in a waste of your valuable time and cost. To avoid this and get the best outgoing and result our sales and marketing experts are ready to provide free advice to your loved ones. To help you achieve the best quality of printing and the best design and packaging.

For your loved ones who need information about printing materials – offset printing and how this type of printing reduces printing costs significantly compared to other printing methods in different circulations. You will also be given detailed explanations about what type of printing and service materials are most suitable for your order.

To get in-person or non-attendance consultation with sales experts of Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center, contact any of the sales and marketing experts:

Contact number of sales experts:

Mrs. Radai – 09339003383 – 34586171

Ms. Pour-Salim – 09339003386 – 34586739

Mrs. Zarei – 09336860145 – 34586738

Ms. Khani – 09306768319 – 34586733

Ms. Soleimani – 09339003384 – 34586170

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