Label Unit

This unit of Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center is responsible for printing labels and envelopes and after-printing services that include diekat, slate, plain envelope, cassette hugs, flood, punch, laminate, etc. to take over. You can read the description and application of each of these services in the articles section of the site.

Today, a large part of the packaging is dedicated to labels, including labels on cans of food products or detergents, as well as fruit labels and … pasted, it is.

The design of labels and envelopes of packaging in the design unit is carried out in accordance with the principles and standards of design. And then its printing is done with the supervision of the quality control unit and repeated checks. And after performing the post-printing service according to the customer’s taste and needs, the final order will be sent ready.

In the following images, you will see a sample of our customers’ orders:

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