Hologram and security labels to be unveiled for the first time in the country

Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center unveiled its latest technology at the 26th International Exhibition of Printing, Packaging and Related Machinery in Tehran.
The media message, like previous years, this time with a new and unique technology attended the exhibition and unveiled hologram printing technology. Hologram printing does not require clichés and cylinders.
Digital hologram printing is the first in the country. In this technology, all surfaces of a label (from flexible films to glued backs) can be printed as holograms.
This security printing, in addition to giving a unique beauty to Label and attracting customers to buy goods, prevents the counterfeit production of the goods in the market.
According to research, 70% of people who see the goods and did not have a previous plan to buy it will be willing to buy it.
The 26th Tehran International Printing, Packaging and Machinery Exhibition will be held with the presence of major domestic brands and foreign companies.
Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center is also present in the exhibition with a 100-meter booth. This is the 30th presence of this printing house in international and national exhibitions. The media message has previously been present at exhibitions in Iraq, Dubai, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and the achievements of attendance have led to the export of printing house products.
In this exhibition which will be held from 29 to 02 December 2012 in Tehran International Permanent Fairground, activists and professors of printing industry from Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Tyvan, China, South Korea, Japan, India and Slovenia are present. Also, trade delegations from Afghanistan, Oman, Iraq and Armenia will be present at the exhibition for economic negotiations with the Iranian side.
Iran Printing & Packaging Exhibition has a twenty-six-year brand and is currently one of the largest exhibitions in the Middle East.
The aim of the 24th International Printing Industry Exhibition is to provide the latest services and products to support domestic production, support domestic industries and transfer knowledge and technology.
Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center is the largest printing and entrepreneurship center in the west of the country, hamedan payam newspaper subsidiary, which has different printing lines with 200 titles of printing of western publications, machinery and equipment for printing sheet offset, lithography unit, complete automatic binding line and fourth phase of launching label production line and side services.
This printing house has the most modern label machinery of the country with European technology which aims to use up-to-date devices, prevent foreign exchange outflow in the field of printing and production of labels and wrappers from the country.
The aim of the eighth presence of "Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center" in Tehran International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is to introduce the province's unique capabilities, identify new labor markets, help develop and prosper the province's business space, pay attention to the slogan of the year and attend the world's global industry leaders.
The 26th Iran International Exhibition of Printing and Packaging and Related Machinery welcomes visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm in Tehran international exhibitions from 8 am to 5 pm and the media message is also waiting for the warm presence of provincial managers, economic activists, producers and the general public in a booth in the soldier's perimeter in front of Hall 38.

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