Die Cut

Die-Cutting is a service by which it can be performed on the printed material in bulk cuttings as desired for the labels printed on the sticky back. So that the blade of the machine only cuts the material and does not cut the layer behind the material that protects the adhesive. And the final product of this service is printed and covered labels and is in roll form.


Die-cut services in Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center are carried out by a modern and equipped machine that uses a rotary die-cut method, using professional and experienced operators.

A brief history of LeterPress and Dycott

Die-cut means molding. From the Letterpress family, which has been used in the past to print letters with pressure on the material. But over time, with the advent of modern and more efficient printing methods, it has changed its usage. Today, leterpress and die-cut are used for precise cutting of printed work and post-printing operations.

Die-cut also has the same application that is done in different ways:

Platen Die cutting

Includes flat molds that are used for cut and flat materials. These molds are made in laser form with standard blades similar to the desired mold and have no dimension limitations.

Rotary Die cutting

This type of die-cut is done using rotary cylinders and is used for rolled materials. The working speed of this method is much higher than other methods.

The following image shows the printed product behind the sticky after the die-cut:

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