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Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center with direct investment of shareholders of Hamedan Payam newspaper (founded in 2004) as the most widely used regional newspaper in the west of the country with two branches of Hamedan (founded in 2010) and Tabriz (founded in 2012) in one The 10-phase targeted program was launched for realization in 20 years and in the long-term perspective with the launch of phase 1, which was the result of the experiences of a motivated collection in the preparation, printing and distribution of the newspaper, it was part of the problem. Journalism and speed in news publishing and create a golden opportunity for the development of local press for the west and northwest of the country to get out of the depths of the problems of printing and low quality and onwards the quality of the content from the development of written media.This center by setting up roll printing machines (web) in the west of the country (Hamedan) and northwest (Tabriz) and simultaneous printing of two newspapers iran and the city and more 200 local and regional publications for more than 10 provinces reached the target set in phase 1. Hamedan Printing and Packaging Center in 2011 with the launch of phases 2 and 3, installed simultaneously colored two-sheet offset printing machines and full automatic binding unit in order to expand its services in the form of printing and packaging services, and today as one of the most equipped, largest and only printing centers in the west of the country, while carrying out printing orders, designed and produced more than 200 different paper products. And cultural and has taken an important step in the production of products in accordance with Iranian and local standards such as school offices and paper products. In 2014, with the beginning of investment in phase 4, the company purchased and installed modern European label printing machines and packaging films with new technology to not only help develop part of the country in the field of food products and packaging, but also create the possibility of competing the country's products in the field of export with other countries.


The only label printing and packaging center in the west of the country (label – offset – web roll)