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Services such as slate, sheet, die-cut, intestine, easy open, perforatum, uvy, etc. Read the site’s articles or consult with our experts for information about the services after printing suitable for your product.




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Print Hamedan Media MessageAbout us

Payam Media Printing Complex was launched with direct investment of Hamedan Payam newspaper (the most popular local newspaper in the west of the country) with two branches of Hamedan and Tabriz, and the result of the experiences of a motivated collection in the preparation and printing of newspapers and distribution is used to not only solve part of the problem of journalism and speed in publishing, but also for the west and northwest to be a golden opportunity to print from the depths of the problems and Low quality has come out and thinks of another dimension of the development of written media.
With the launch of specialized roll printing houses in the west of the country in Hamedan and northwest of the country in Tabriz and simultaneous printing of two newspapers of Iran and Hamshahri and more than 150 local publications from 10 provinces in this printing house, there is now a new opportunity for national publications to simultaneously print their newspapers for people in remote provinces of the capital. Hamedan Payam Media Printing Complex in 2011 with the launch of phase 2, installed concurrent colored sheet offset printing machines and binding unit in order to expand its services in the form of printing and packaging services took the next step and today as one of the most equipped, largest and only 24/7 printing center of the west of the country, while carrying out print orders, has designed and produced more than 70 different paper products and Take an important step in the production of products in accordance with Islamic-Iranian standards and the importation of school offices and paper products.
Now all pre-printing, printing and post-printing services are all under one roof of golden leaf on the tarek of payam media complex, the advantages of which can be quickly ordered, the summation of all the specialties of a working spectrum under one roof and the appropriate finished price.